Audio Sermons

These are the audio versions only
of previous sermons presented

The Power of Gods Promises - Pastor Barry Taylor

Gratitude - Pastor Dennis Pumford

What If There Was No Christmas - Ed Lyons
It's Still The Word Of God - Pastor Holland
Cold Worship - Pastor Holland

Remembering 500 Years - Pastor Jerry Bandy 
Standing in Half ArmorPastor Jon Holland

Think on These Things - Pastor Billy Paul
Educating for EternityPastor Jon Holland
Prosper and be in Health - Pastor Jon Holland
A Life of Service - Pastor Jon Holland

Camp Meeting Message - Dan Linrud

 Jirehka Smith and Ben Miller

The Empty Fellowship Hall - Pastor Jon Holland

The Innkeeper - Pastor Jon Holland
Christ’s Method Alone - Pastor Jon Holland
Conditions of Salvation - Pastor Jerry Bandy

Broken Vessel - Pastor Jon Holland

The Obliteration of the Highest Christian Holiday - Pastor Jerry Bandy

The Master is Coming - Fabio Rivera
God Is Alive - Jim Ayers
Staying Inspired - Terry Assavapisitkul
The Dumb Guy in the Nice Suit - Pastor Jim Osborne
Mental Preparation - Pastor Jerry Bandy
Perfect Peace - Christian Paul
God, the Expert Programmer - Charles Jenson
Testimonies - Charity, David and Tom
The Perfect Gift - David Davies
Almost Home! - Pastor Steve Dayen

Waving the White Flag - Fabio Rivera

Jesus Is Risen! - Pastor Glenn Gingery

Weapons of God (pt3) - Pastor Jerry Bandy

A Matter of Life & Death - Pastor Steve Dayen

Jesus Gave Gifts to All - Pastor Glenn Gingery

Love, Law and Liberty - Pastor Steve Dayen

Ding Dongs, HoHo's and... - Pastor Jerry Bandy

Internal Combustion Religion - Pastor Steve Dayen

Storms - Daniel Adams

Pastor Steve Dayen - The Simple Gospell

Pastor Jerry Bandy - Blessed Are Those Who Listen

Pastor Steve Dayen - A New Day

Willing Heart

Pastor Steve Dayen - The High Cost of Joy

Pastor Jerry Bandy - A Gift Beyond Description

 'And Glory Shone Around' (Church Choir Program)

Pastor Steve Dayen - The Final Movements 

Pastor Glenn Gingery - Who Will Finish the Work?

Pastor Steve Dayen - Thank You, Lord!

Pastor Steve Dayen - The Little Things

Pastor Glenn Gingery - Jesus’ Gospel Shall Be Preached (part2)

Pastor Steve Dayen - A Clean Slate

4 His Glory - On Holy Ground

Pastor Glenn Gingery - Jesus’ Gospel Shall Be Preached 
Audio Preview

Pastor Jerry Bandy - Weapons of God (pt 3)

Linda Dayen - Watch Out for the Birds

Dwight Smith - The Saline Solution

Pastor Jerry Bandy - The Leading Of The Holy Spirit

Pastor Glenn Gingery - You Have Eternal Life

Pastor Paul Johnson - A Different Warrior

Pastor Jerry Bandy - The Act Of Reaping

Josh Withers - The Most Famous Conversation in the Bible

Pastor Jerry Bandy - What Is Important

Pastor Jerry Bandy - Where Is Your Faith?

Larren Cole - 7 Steps Back to Church

Pastor Glenn Gingery - Holy Spirit Power

Pastor Jerry Bandy - Our Greatest Need

Dwight Smith - Evangelism thru Adventist Education

Pastor Jerry Bandy - The Church Has One Foundation

Pastor Jerry Bandy - Why Shepherds, Why Us

Holy Child - A Celebration (KFSDA Church Choir)

Adventist School & Home School Students - Fear Not

Pastor Glenn Gingery - Thank You, God

Pastor Jerry Bandy - The Prerequisite To Maturity Part 2

Fabio Rivera - No Stone Left Unturned

Pastor Jerry Bandy The Prerequisite to Maturity - part 1

Pastor Jerry Bandy - Come, Holy Spirit

Pastor Jerry Bandy - Communion

Pastor Glenn Gingery - The Gospel Net

Pastor Jerry Bandy - The Ultimate Invitation

Pastor Jerry Bandy - The Coming Conflict

Pastor Glenn Gingery - Discipleship Gifts Part 3

Pastor Jerry Bandy - A Time To Rebuild

Russ Ashdon - Return To Me

Pastor Jerry Bandy - The Art Of Being Careful