Men's Summit 2019

Men’s Summit 2019

Men don’t retreat, We reach for the Summit…

This is a personal invitation to all males to attend this year’s Oregon Men’s Summit at beautiful Dorena Lake. This summit is May 31st through June 2nd at the Grove Christian Camp, sitting on the Row River just south of Eugene.

Keynote speaker will be David Schwinghammer VP of Administration at the Oregon Conference.

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Weekend Activities
The team of guys from all over the Oregon Conference that are hard at work to make this the best Men’s Summit ever, with activities and events in the works to include:

Excavating into the Bible

Basketball Tournament & Hot Shot Challenge:
Tournament Director Mike LaSage
 Team registration is on Friday from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm with open court warm up shooting time.

Tournament format will be round robin play, games to 7 points or 15 minutes, with shots made from 3 point line or further worth 2 points and all other worth 1 point.  Tie scores at 15 minutes will be resolve by a free throw shoot out. This is a CRT tournament (Conflict Resolution Tournament) “call your own fouls”. We will try to maximize the number of Round Robin Games played to allow for the most possible playing time for the participants. Number of games in Round Robin Play determined by the number of teams participating.  The two teams with the best records will play in championship game on Saturday night which will be a game to 15 to 25 points or so.  TBD.

Hot Shot Challenge: Everyone can participate in this one minute, score as many points as you can challenge.  Rules are simple: Players start at the free throw line, timer starts at shot and ends in one minute.  Players may not shoot from the same spot twice in a row.  At least one of the player’s feet must be touching the taped squares or stars on the floor during the shot or it can’t be counted.  Must rebound his own shots.  Top four player scores play in the Saturday Night Hot Shot Championship!

Learn No-Spin Knife-Throwing
Thrown in the traditional overhand style, a thrown knife spins end-over-end in flight, because it continues your circular throwing motion. You have to learn just the right throw for your current distance, or your knife will not reach the target tip first, and thus won't stick.

In a no spin throw, the knife does not spin, the tip always faces the target, and thus always sticks. (that's the plan, anyway!)

With the “No-Spin” method, you can, One: use it as part of your journey to master your body and mind, and Two, develop instinct; the immediacy of going to any distance, throw the knife, and just stick it.

Join me, learn a new skill together, improve an old one, and become sharper iron and better friends. Jerry Bowers, Klamath Falls, OR.

Proverbs 27:17 - As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.

Survival Skills (both spiritually and worldly)




Mountain Biking

Gold Mines
Enjoy an afternoon of fantastic scenery and turn-of-the-century history on an excursion to the Bohemia Mining District in the shadow of Bohemia Mountain. A short hike leads to the remnants of a typical mining site that is still an active claim today.



Campfire Gatherings

Church Safety and more…

Meet new friends as you converse over some of your favorite collections that you bring - Your 3 favorite knives… Two items your wife wishes you did not have… Three items from your collection of… (You pick), “Stuff worth watching on the Internet” (might be a really short activity)…  We are even entertaining the idea of a Saturday Night/Sunday “Swap Market”.

Some of the things YOU could walk away with are any one of the great Summit Weekend Giveaways - a Sabbath/Sunday Guided Tour through the Klamath Wildlife Refuges, an “Elite Pass” to “Man Camp 2019 Survival Camp, and other items from across the Pacific NW!

Registration –– Sign up sooner than later.

There are great cabins and tasty meals! All you need is a sleeping bag and appropriate gear for the activities you want to join. 

$125 –– Early Bird Discount – up through March 31

$135 –– April

$140 –– At the door

Please join us for a weekend of getting back to nature (where men can be men), spiritual food and great comradery.

This is also an appeal to all the women that have men in their lives to lovingly encourage them to make this event and to live intentionally closer to God.

Have any questions? 
Please call me, Jerry Bowers at 541-281-3388 or  
Oh, and remember… Men don’t retreat, we reach for the Summit!!