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Become a why request membership of this website

   I first want to start off with a reason to become a member of this website. Soon there will be a website member's only section.  It has been suggested that the website have a "contact us" post. It is also possible to put the church directory online. Members could contact each other and update their information.
   I hesitate to put all this information out on the web without some sort of safe guards. It could be a blessing or it could lead to satanic attacks (or both). After discussing this subject with the office, it would be possible to overwhelm our staff with phone calls and emails. The office has short hours. Only 9AM 1PM Mon thru Thurs. We don't have the staff to answer the door if we have a visitor.
   However, there are times when a church member needs to contact the church office or another member and not know how to do that. That creates the need for "website members only pages".
   Next blog will tell you how to request membership.