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Pastor's Corner

Partners in Ministry and Mission

Just a couple of months ago, our church board discussed and affirmed the following motion: “to give our school the endorsement of the church regarding working together to support a ‘mission school’ philosophy, with greater emphasis on gaining more students from the community and having the school become more of a hub for church outreach events.” More recently, our school board voted to move forward with an “action plan” to help us accomplish these goals. This action plan contains three key elements:

1) Select a marketing team for the school, composed of three to five individuals who have a passion for seeing an increase in our student enrollment in the coming years.

- This team will prepare and print a full-color brochure to promote our school.

- The marketing team will also produce a short video to share with prospective students.

2) Our school board will determine a niche or specialty that would help establish an identifiable uniqueness for our school, something that would cause us to stand out when we are being compared with other Christian schools. These are some possible areas we could focus on:

- Concentrate on training students for future mission service, whether foreign missions or service here in our country.

- Continue to build toward a greater emphasis on musical training, both vocal and instrumental.

- Work toward becoming an outstanding school in the areas of math and science, to help our pre-Academy students prepare for possible careers in fields like medicine, scientific research and math/science education.

3) Determine what already makes us special, and build on these strengths.

- Point out the advantages of the small school atmosphere for learning.

- Share research regarding the benefits of “cross learning” between grade levels in the multi-grade classroom setting.

- Share the benefits of Seventh-day Adventist education in general, based upon the objective evidence presented in the Cognitive Genesis Research Study.

- Encourage each of our school board members and church board members to read Lifeline - A Handbook for Small School Success.

I am excited about the positive and dynamic direction that we are moving in together, as a church and school. We are part of the same team, with the common goal of seeing people, young and old, live lives of committed discipleship to Jesus Christ. Please keep our church, school, students, teachers and fellow church members in prayer on a daily basis. While you are at it, remember our church leaders and school board members, as well as the many potential students for our school that the Lord wants us to reach out to. May God bless all of the efforts put forth to accomplish His mission of taking the gospel message to the entire world, including our corner of the planet – Klamath Falls!

– Pastor Steve