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Pastor's Corner

This church community is in an excellent location to have your spiritual batteries recharged. I took some time today to go out in nature and speak to God, while also having him speak to me. A simple hike at Moore Park was all I needed to walk and talk and listen to God. I like to carry scripture on 3x5 cards and go through them to either memorize, or claim through prayer, the promises of His Word - usually both.  After a little while of hiking, I reached a spot where I set up my hammock for some more reading and prayer time. It was a beautiful morning. I spent most of the time praying for and lifting up the Klamath Falls church district. Prayers that God’s will would be made manifest in each of your lives and that He would lead this church to a deeper desire for the lost souls we pass by every day.

God has a purpose and a plan to use every one of you, and something that I read while sitting there in the hammock caught my attention. It comes from the book Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers. Here’s what I read: "You may rise to the heights to which the Holy Spirit calls you. True religion means living the word in your practical life. Your profession is not of any value without the practical doing of the word” TM 127.

It’s encouraging to know that it is possible, through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, to rise to the heights He calls us to! Mrs. White then goes on to define, what Scripture has defined in James 1:27, what true religion is. It’s one thing to avoid eating certain foods, saying certain words, drinking certain beverages, working during Sabbath, or other “letter” of the law portions. We often justify those avoidances by saying we are “doing” the word. It’s that ‘Spirit of the Law’ that usually nabs us.

Christ raised the bar at the Sermon on the Mount, not to discourage us, but to show us what the purpose was of “living the word in your practical life.” It goes deeper than just refraining from alcohol and nicotine, pork and shellfish, working from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday… There’s a different way of life and freedom that comes when we allow the Word of God, Jesus Christ Himself, to live in and through our practical life. Remember that God’s law, according to the law-giver Himself, can be summed up into two things - love God, and love your neighbor.

I don’t believe that the community is necessarily waiting for us to tell them about Jesus, so much as they are waiting for us to show them the love of Jesus. So I ask myself - and encourage you to do the same each day - how can I live the abundant life practically for the community to see Jesus in me? What areas of my life am I not surrendering and giving over to the Holy Spirit throughout the day? How does Jesus want to use me specifically for this day?

Ask God to grant you a deeper desire and longing for more of Him, and less of yourself. The good news is that Jesus is willing and able to bring new life, and with it new desires, for those in need of an encouraging word, act of service, kind gesture, Bible Studies, hug, prayer, or whatever else the Lord lays on your heart to give them. Spend some time this month not only reading about Jesus, but living with Jesus.

Courage Klamath!

Pastor Jon Holland